Friday, February 23, 2018

About IMEP Programmes

The Missionary Exchange Programme was pioneered by MRI in 2007. The purpose of the programme is to give individual believers and churches an opportunity to bless and be blessed through participating in missions, local church ministry, community work and other virtuous activities. The programme operates in two ways; nationally within national borders (Internal Missionary Exchange) and internationally between countries (International Missionary Exchange). The expectation is that participating individuals will be built up by new experiences and challenges whilst blessing their host ministries with an invaluable external insight, practical knowledge and own gifting.

MRI acts as the catalyst but hopes that these interactions will be merely the beginning of many opportunities, as most of our participating ministries have already witnessed.

In line with the other programmes, IMEP works towards the fulfillment of MRI mission statement: to advocate for the growth and enrichment of ministry in individual lives, churches and communities, for their greater effectiveness and impact in God's kingdom. The program is works to achieve the vision of MRI; a fully built up and effective minister of the gospel (Ephesians 4:12), joyfully serving in their area of gifting, churches that have outgrown qualities of dysfunction, communities that are effectively ministering to the needs of those they serve and a world where giants are born and they go out to shape destiny.