Friday, February 23, 2018

Community Impact

Community Impact Programs were designed to help churches reach the people ‘where they are’ and get a deeper community penetration. The end result is that the church is able to have communitymore impact in its locality.

Community impact programs can almost be limitless in variety- their design depends on the need in the place. They can focus on medical education /treatment, on economic skills empowerment, on career guidance for students, dealing with addictions etc depending on the need.

MRI’s flagship project in this respect is the Kisenyi Community Impact Project (KCIP). This project is located in a village slum called Kisenyi, about 20 kilometres from Kampala. This project runs a number of community impacting activities including the Kisenyi CANA Children’s Club, KISA Women’s Skills Program, Mercy ministries and community discipleship programs.

Kisenyi CANA Children's Club

Kisenyi CANA is an acronym for Kisenyi Children Are Not Ashamed. The club meets weekly and the sessions are run by individuals with a passion for sharing their faith with children. The club offers fun, friendship and Christian teaching. Living their faith can be difficult for children, especially as they grow. Kisenyi CANA Club provides a comforsliderle place to learn and grow along with others as we share biblical principles. The Club also reaches out to other children providing them with an enjoyable and comforsliderle introduction to Jesus. We also provide a meal to the children who attend the program.

Our Clubs:

cana kidsCANA Kitties: For children between 1 – 6 years, CANA Kitties teaches the most basic precepts of Christianity. Involving lots of fun and an introduction to God's word, CANA Kitties teaches children about Jesus through song, games and pictures.

CANA Sparkles: For children between 7 – 13 years CANA Sparkles teaches about Jesus through music, dance and drama. Designed to teach the gospel in a way that is relevant to today's children, CANA Sparkles teaches the gospel through character building activities, music, dance and drama.

CANA Explorers: For children between 14 – 17 years, CANA Explorers have a lot going on and they need guidance and patience. Puberty, discipline, adjusting to middle school, understanding social pressures and pitfalls for today’s teens are some of the challenges we address using biblical principles. We do this using music, drama, videos and discussions. We talk, talk and talk a lot!

KISA Women’s Group

KISA Women’s Group is a group of women in Kisenyi community which was initiated under Kisenyi Community Impact Program. The purpose of the group is to help the women develop and implement strategies to empower themselves and their families economically and socially. Group members meet once each week to work on handcraft items including paper beads, necklaces, bangles, bags and other decorative items.

For now, the handcrafts have been exported and marketed in the United Kingdom, through MRI UK, an affiliate ministry of Ministry Resourcing International.

Since inception, the women have been able to generate some income of their own and opened bank accounts against which they were able to obtain small scale loans to bolster their micro business projects.

The immediate goal of this project is to expand into new areas like tailoring and knitting.

Mercy Ministry

Mercy Ministry is a program that is implemented by MRI and New Life Church in partnership with Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM). Through this program, each year a number of families are identified in the community and foodstuff items are distributed to them on a monthly basis, through New Life Church. The purpose of the program is twofold: meeting the need of the poorest of families in the community, while at the same time taking the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ


discipleship classCommunity Impact Programs aim at pursuing the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. Irrespective of the nature of activities implemented, the end result should be the winning of souls for God’s kingdom

For the Kisenyi Community Impact Program, discipleship is now happening through New Life Church, opened in the community as a transition from an initial the discipleship program in the community.

MRI works with churches to help them initiate meaningful discipleship programs in their communities to help them impact lives and grow their ministry in the community.