Friday, February 23, 2018

Short Term Missions

In partnership with evangelical churches, MRI carries out short term missions usually for periods of one to two weeks. Short term missions have three elements: Gospel Outreaches, Conferences & Seminars and Professionals in Ministry. The focus of these missions is empowering the body of Christ through teaching and training in the word of God, and carrying out evangelism and soul winning.

Gospel Outreaches

MRI carries out gospel outreaches in partnership with churches. Gospel outreach activities are usually planned to coincide with seminars and conferences. The nature of these outreaches differs – sometimes coming as pure evangelistic activities and at other times accompanied by medical missions or other mercy ministry activities like distribution of designated items to the communities.

Conferences and Seminars

conference groupMRI conferences and seminars aim to re-focus the church on the primacy of its relationship with Christ and the need for a living communion with the Holy Spirit. Like all other earthly institutions, the church needs all the difference resources; human resources, logistics, finances, knowledge, capital assets etc. But knowing Christ and living a life empowered by the Spirit is the primarily need of every believer and church, to be able to live a victorious and impacting life. In the context of the above, the aim of MRI is to help the church become better positioned to acquire the resources it needs for fulfilling its mandate.

MRI also carries out church leadership conferences, working in partnership with evangelical churches in different regions of the country.

The current strategy is to hold and/seminars on a quarterly basis, in different regions of the country.

Professionals in Ministry

The skills that doctors, social workers, engineers, accountants, teachers and others should harnessed to build the kingdom of God. MRI developed this program to encourage people of different professions to contribute to ministry and participate in the end time harvest. These professionals are enlisted into short term missions, mission exchange programs and community impact programs, in a structured manner.