Friday, February 23, 2018


MRI is a lean organisation with a staffing of five members.

  • Richard Tuhumwire the Executive Director heads the organization.
  • Michael Katumba is the Programme Officer in charge of Community Impact Programmes and general administrative coordination.
  • David Edube is the Programme Officer in charge of Mission Exchange Programmes and general programme coordination.
  • Josephine Bogere is the Children Programme Instructor.
  • Irene K. Tuhumwire provides oversight over Cana Children's ministry.
B1.4-David-EdubeDavid Edube
Mission Exchange Programmes
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B1.4-Josephine-BogereJosephine Bogere
Children Programme Instructor
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Richard TuhumwireRichard Tuhumwire
Executive Director
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Irene TuhumwireIrene Tuhumwire
Cana Children's Ministry
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Michael KatumbaMichael Katumba
Community Impact Programmes
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