Friday, February 23, 2018

Word from the Executive Director

B1.5-Richard-TuhumwireRichard Tuhumwire
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It is my great joy to welcome you to our site and tell you a little more about the work of Ministry Resourcing International (MRI). MRI is a Ugandan registered ministry that focuses on enhancing the delivery capacity of ministry in individual lives, churches and communities. The vision of MRI was conceived as a result of observing the execution challenges that were evident in many ministries. We realised that just like all other organisations, Christian ministries and their leadership need internal capacity building to attain a cutting edge.

Many Christian leaders and their ministries face immense personal, spiritual and managerial challenges, often with no one to hold their hand and bring encouragement. MRI aims to be that hand of encouragement, that iron piece that is available to sharpen the other (Prov. 27:17).

The work of MRI began in 2007 in a very humble way – with no specific source of funding and not any benefactors to look to. The only thing we had was a vision in our hearts. We knew that God had called us to be available in the quest of building the body of Christ and enhancing its capacity to achieve the Great Commission. Needless to say, we have faced countless challenges along the path of our growth, but we have continually seen the hand of God working and in many ways, our God turning our very obstacles into stepping stones.

Our programmes include conferences and seminars which aim pointing the church of Christ back on him and the Holy Spirit as the principal needs in ministry. We also have community impact programmes which basically are multi faceted community development efforts with a Christian focus. Our key project in this regard is the Kisenyi Project. Our other major programme is the mission exchange programme (internal and international) through which we have annually been receiving mission teams from the United Kingdom, the USA, Kenya, Tanzania and other countries. These teams have worked with partner churches in evangelism, discipleship and ministry management improvement.

Since our inception, by the grace of God, we have made some achievements like initiating consistent programmes, founding MRI UK our sister organisation in the United Kingdom, building a global leadership team and acquiring some property (land, furniture and some office equipment) for the ministry.

In the next five years (2011-2015) we expect to continue to consolidate our programmes and to go into new frontiers like mobilising more professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers etc for greater involvement in ministry.

We appreciate all of you that have joined hands with and helped us in this effort. We continually ask God to bless and enlarge you.